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Choosing the right flooring option for your home can be a tough decision. The floor that you would pick plays a major role in the look, feel, and the ambiance of a room in your home. That is why it can be a great headache when choosing the right flooring since the flooring options available in the market are more varied than ever and offer both fashion and function. This can then lead to confusion and an overwhelming feeling. But not to fret. All problems, even this one can be solved. There are several deciding factors that come into play for deciding on what flooring options you would have to get for your home.


Your flooring option practically depends on how you and your family live – the foot traffic and activity of your family in your home. This factor is also useful when you want to change the flooring in a certain room of your home.


Another concern would be your locale and the specific region of your home that you want to put your flooring on. When you live in a place with a rainy climate, consider having luxury vinyl planks and tiles while having wood flooring when you live in a place with a dry climate. Aside from that, entry mats can also be used as a way to prevent moisture coming into your home.


All of us have that thought in our heads on how to keep our floors last for a long time. As much as we want a zero-maintenance type of flooring option, there is none. However, most of the flooring options in the market are easy to maintain though it does require your hard work.


Last but not the least, every decision we make is based largely on how much it costs. Though each of the flooring options have pros and cons, one thing is for sure – Flooring Pros of Hickory and Lenoir can give you a project that will guarantee you comfort.

After considering the numerous factors, choosing the right flooring option for your home should not be that difficult. Using the information that you have garnered from the factors in how to choose a flooring option, it takes a little bit of weight off your shoulders. Researching the different types of flooring ensures you that your floors will stay looking fresh and your home looking new.

Here are the top flooring options in the market:

Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tiles

From the style that it gives to your home to its eminent benefits, Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tiles is luxurious indeed. This flooring option is highly durable from scuff, stain and scratch and it is waterproof so any spill, splash or play, the luxury vinyl will stop it all – and even look great doing it. Moreover, its maintenance is easy. It is easy to clean and all you need is a broom and mop.

Carpet Flooring

This flooring option gives you style and comfort at the same time. Though they say carpets are ancient history, it is still the common flooring option that homeowners lavish on. With its bold features, this flooring option adds depth and texture to your home. When it comes to cleaning, all you would need is a vacuum cleaner, basically little to none effort wasted.

Laminate and Linoleum

These two are great flooring options as well. When you crave on a flooring design that resembles hardwood flooring, then these two top the attractiveness scale amongst all flooring options. It also serves the purpose of being waterproof when installed in bathrooms or kitchens as well as foot traffic areas such as bedrooms and living rooms. In cleaning these types of floors, a simple broom and mop would suffice.

Rubber Flooring

This type of flooring is durable, soft and quiet when walked on, and recyclable. This flooring is quite uncommon in the market however when installed, it brings a great impact in your home. Cleaning this type of flooring only needs a damp mop – no effort wasted, yet again.

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