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Luxury Vinyl and Plank Tile

Choosing different types of flooring options for your home can be a difficult task. Some flooring styles offered in the market today can be unsuitable especially in bathrooms and kitchens since both of these regions of the home are high traffic areas. When distraught, some homeowners turn to tiles as one of their flooring options.

There may be various tile flooring options to choose from but laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring are the most common of all. Both can feel very cold under your feet first thing in the morning especially when you use the bathroom or the kitchen however, these two main tile flooring options are very hard wearing and resistant to scratches and staining.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is alright for use in the kitchen but is not so ideal in a bathroom since this tile flooring option is just water resistant not waterproof and the water may cause the edges to lift up over time. This leads us to the much under looked choice of tile flooring, and that is luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring has come a long way in the tile flooring industry. It started off from a glue down form which had many downsides to the point where most people avoid buying it, to several years later, being one of the best tile flooring options in the market today. Everyone who is anyone lavish on luxury vinyl since it has lived up to what it is named; luxurious. It does not stop by giving the visuals one expected it to have but also, luxury vinyl flooring offers the benefit homeowners deserve.

If you are considering a new tile flooring for your home or business and luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring isn’t high on your list of possible materials, then you might be missing a lot on what these two options may have to offer. There is no need for you to choose from either of the two since you can install both luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring with our help, Flooring Pros Hickory NC.


Both tile flooring options give the home significant benefits, in fact, these two do it all from its style, to its price and lastly its maintenance. We in Flooring Pros Hickory NC offer both luxury vinyl planks and tiles that create stunning floors that are meticulously designed to look like hardwood or stone, and built to endure the busiest lifestyles.

Though the term ‘style’ tends to be cliché, Flooring Pros Hickory NC assures you that the ‘style’ our luxury vinyl planks and tile offer does not only stop on the aesthetics but it also gives you various shapes and sizes to give your home that results to an authentic and timeless look you’ve been searching for, for less the cost and installation expenses.

Luxury vinyl plank and tiles are also easy to clean. All it requires for its maintenance is a dust, broom and mop. Thanks to its protective outer layer, you don’t need to go to such great lengths to get rid of the dust on your floor. Lastly, its cost – affordable. We in Flooring Pros Hickory NC believe that the cost of a product shouldn’t stop you from the comfort you desire. That is why our luxury vinyl plank and tiles are not yesterday’s flooring but tomorrows since it helps you welcome your day with open arms.

Best Flooring Contractor

Though there are a lot of DIY tools in the market for installing luxury vinyl planks and tiles, it would be a lot easier and effortless for you to call us, Flooring Pros Hickory NC. Our team comprises professionals that can certainly be trusted in installing luxury vinyls in your home.

We take pride in what we do with only one thing in mind, your comfort and satisfaction. In addition to its style and installation, Flooring Pros Hickory NC’s luxury vinyl plank and tiles is highly durable from scuff, stain and scratch and it is waterproof so any spill, splash or play, the luxury vinyl will stop it all – and even look great doing it.

Invest in our luxury vinyl planks and tiles now. Do not hesitate to call us in Flooring Pros Hickory NC to assist you in installing these two flooring options in your home. We in Flooring Pros Hickory NC can definitely give you the comfort you deserve.


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