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Indoor-Outdoor and Rubber

If you are trying to look for a flooring material that you can use for your indoor or outdoor gym, common areas, patios, or play areas for young children, you might consider the Indoor-Outdoor Rubber flooring material of one of the best flooring contractors in town, Rubber Flooring Pros Hickory NC.
Rubber Flooring Pros Hickory NC offers you a range of services including indoor and outdoor installation of rubber as a flooring material. This material is quite popular to clients and their flooring projects for a number of reasons. It had grown in a wide range of settings for both residential and commercial settings. As one of the most common examples where rubber floor is widely made use of are gyms, weight rooms and play or field areas and houses for young kids and kids at heart.


One of the reasons why most clients of Rubber Flooring Pros Hickory NC prefer rubber flooring as their go to material for their project is that it is shock or damage resilient, very durable and has low cost maintenance. It is a very good option for high foot traffic areas or environments just like gyms and activity centers. It is best for these very busy places or areas since it is resistant to damage. Moisture which can also be another thing that could highly affect flooring materials and the floor in general, has less to no effect on our rubber floor material. Accidental dropping of gym tools or equipment may ruin other types of flooring material, but will cause little to no harm to our rubber floors.

Indoor-Outdoor Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring Pros Hickory NC suggests indoor-outdoor rubber flooring to our clients mostly with their projects in a commercial setting. Though we install rubber flooring to residences and homes as well, many clients opt for other flooring materials given that rubber doesn’t seem to fit or have the right look and feel for most living spaces and abodes. This is one of the concerns for most clients in the past but you need not to worry about this anymore. Over the years, manufacturers are able to improve and develop quality rubber flooring materials making us more confident in providing this service to you even to residential flooring projects, may it be indoor or outdoor.

Rubber Flooring Pros Hickory NC installs rubber floors to indoor gyms or clients’ backyards, ground or patios that will serve as the play area for kids. Yet, we are not only limited to that. We also offer our rubber flooring services to healthcare facilities, educational facilities and even to nursing homes. We suggest this flooring material to our clients emphasizing its excellent slip resistance. Given that children and the elders require further care and attention, being proactive and trying to avoid dangerous slip accidents is a very good step in taking care of them. We assure you that with the proper installation of our rubber floors, there will be less to no accidents or injuries caused by slipping in the future.

Best Flooring Contractor

Rubber Flooring Pros Hickory NC is stepping up the game by providing or clients various color, styles and design of rubber flooring materials which will eventually fit the feel and atmosphere of every place may it be in a commercial or residential setting. Our rubber floors may come in the form of tiles or sheets with flat or patterned designs that will surely suit your preference and style. Traditionally rubber floors only come in gray and black but with the quality materials we use, we will make sure your project will have a trendy and stylish outcome.

When it comes to cost, rubber floors may come a bit pricey compared to any other flooring material. However, if you consider how long rubber floors could last and compare it to how frequent you need to change your flooring if you use other types of flooring material. Rubber as a flooring material can last up until 20 years or more given the proper installation and maintenance. With this, you will absolutely have a great long term investment with rubber floors! Besides that, Rubber Flooring Pros Hickory NC values integrity so there is no worry for any non-sense costing. Rest assured that we will give you honest and fair cost estimation plus the best affordable price for your indoor or outdoor flooring project.

For any indoor or outdoor rubber flooring project, don’t hesitate to reach us. Contact Rubber Flooring Pros Hickory NC today!


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