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Laminate and Linoleum

If you are looking for which material you should use in your floor project, you may consider laminate and linoleum that Laminate Flooring Pros Hickory NC, one of the best flooring services contractors in town, is using in the projects that they handle and manage.

Laminate Flooring Pros Hickory NC aims to provide the quality service and deliver results that go beyond your expectations with the use of laminate or linoleum for your flooring project depending on your preference and taste. Both materials are popular and actually good for your floor but there are things you might want to know before choosing which one to use.


Linoleum is made out of natural and renewable materials such as linseed oil and sawdust. It is usually thick and comes in a form of glue-down sheets or snap-together tiles. Before, linoleum came in only one look and style but over the years, manufacturers tend to improve and develop it as a flooring material.

Laminate Flooring Pros Hickory NC makes use of linoleum that varies in color, shapes and styles that seeks to suit your preference as our clients. We suggest using linoleum in areas where water spilling and splashing usually happens. We guide and suggest our clients to make use of this material in their bathrooms, rest rooms and kitchens where water is most likely available and commonly used. Linoleum has a waterproofing capacity that makes it more resistant to liquid. Though, it does not appear to be very much attractive, it is very much functional in its own way.

Linoleum as a flooring material may be less expensive compared to other materials. It usually costs around 2 to 5 dollars per square feet plus the installation price when you decide to make use of it. In a similar thought, the price of our service using linoleum is very much competitive to the prices offered by other flooring contractors. Laminate Flooring Pros Hickory NC makes it certain that we give you honest and fair cost estimation, and an affordable final price for your project so there is no need to worry for hidden charges.


On the other hand, laminate as a flooring material is composite based with resin and plastic on top of it. It has patterns or prints that imitate hardwood flooring. It is relatively thinner compared to linoleum but it feels and looks better when compared to it. Due to the pattern or print layer on its top, it tends to appear more pleasing and attractive. This is the reason why most clients or project owners opt for laminate flooring materials. Laminate Flooring Pros Hickory NC makes use of laminate in the form of planks that have interlocking edges which snaps together when you use it or when you install it. This helps secure the quality of the flooring material allowing it to last longer than expected.

Laminate Flooring Pros Hickory NC makes use of quality materials not just for the flooring but as well as the under layer that is necessary before installing the laminate flooring material. We do not immediately place the laminate on top of the sub floor unlike linoleum. We install it in another layer that is placed just before the sub floor. This layer makes the laminate more resilient to defect or damage. Aside from minimizing the noise when stepping on the floor, this layer also decreases the risk of moisture that might affect and eventually damage the floor and the laminate flooring material in the long run.

As one of the top flooring contractors in town, Laminate Flooring Pros Hickory NC delivers our best effort and work to help our clients. In using laminate as a flooring material, we suggest to them to make use of it in areas where it is visible. We suggest making use of laminate in the living room, dining room, family common areas or bedrooms where many people come and stay together. Since laminate is attractive than linoleum, it adds more aesthetic quality to any specific area where you are going to install in. In general, it increases the overall aesthetic value of your home.

For any flooring project that you want to be accomplished using laminate and linoleum, don’t hesitate to reach Laminate Flooring Pros Hickory NC. Contact us today!


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Laminate and Linoleum

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